My Mural Journey

I’ve been painting murals now for almost three years, and in that time, I have learned so much. My very first sign painting job was for Monument City Brewing Company.


It was huge, we used a rickety scissor lift that had to be propped up using boards because of the slant of the street, and I painstakingly measured every little serif, width, and height of each letter. I didn’t know what a pounce pattern was then or how I could print it to size and transfer the design to the wall, so I created it in Illustrator and measured that way. I used that printed reference for the full sign, and while it took a very long time, it turned out pretty cool. I remember feeling so excited but not being interested in sign painting at all then.


I didn’t paint any large scale signs for another year and a half until Urban Axes, Monument City’s new neighbor, contacted me. I worked with them to paint their logo and some designed signage on the front, interior, and back of their new location in Baltimore. They hired me to do more as they expanded in Boston, MA and Durham, NC, which was an awesome opportunity.

They gave me the painting itch, if you will, and I was hired by Charm City Run to design and paint their mission statement in two of their stores, Locust Point and Fells Point. Learning lesson there — painting on dark colors always takes twice as many coats as you’re expecting.


I worked with a few other local companies around town that needed murals and painted logos and signs, and then another company moved in between Urban Axes and Monument City called Haven Street Ballroom. You’ve probably heard of them if you’ve followed me on Instagram or are in the wedding industry. It’s an amazingly beautiful space where you can get married or have an event and really inject your personality as much as you want!


Kate from Haven Street Ballroom was amazing to work with and wanted something “Instagrammable”, fun, and different. After this mural, I realized how much I liked painting large-scale. The bigger, the better! It took me six entire days and more learning lessons were taught along the way. I’ve even heard some couples chose this venue for their wedding because of the mural, which has been a HUGE compliment.

I can’t wait to work with more exciting clients and local businesses to design and paint new murals around Baltimore and beyond. If you have a wall in mind, email me at, and let’s chat!

MuralsJessica Langley