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subcontractor guidelines

If we move forward with working together on murals and painted signs, here’s a few general things to know:

  • I will send over a subcontractor agreement for you to sign. This protects both of us and outlines the scope, fees, and timelines so we’re on the same page.

  • I usually prefer carpooling, depending on where the work is to be completed. However, you’re more than welcome to drive separately as well!

  • I do compensate for your carpooling/driving time at a discounted rate or using the standard mileage rate.

  • Usually lunch or coffee is included if a location is nearby the site.

  • I generally supply all materials but may ask you to bring along extras if you have them or specifics if you prefer a certain type of something, such as brushes.

Please use the form to reach out but feel free to follow up with additional questions directly through email. Thank you!